Using Mobile Technology to Strengthen Pastoralists’ Resilience in Mali


Reducing Systemic Risks


Tuesday, October 15, 2019


10:15 AM




Changes in weather patterns caused by global warming have led to catastrophic heat waves and droughts globally, leading to displaced and disrupted livelihoods. In this session, SNV and its partners will share how the GARBAL information service has used a market-based approach to reduce systemic risks associated with pastoral livelihoods in the Sahel. Through partnerships with Orange Mali, TASSAGHT and the Malian Ministries of Livestock and Fisheries and Digital Economy and Communications, SNV developed the GARBAL information service with Hoefsloot Spatial Solutions, which allows Malian pastoralists to find pastures and surface water using satellite technology on their phones. This helps pastoralists mitigate the risks associated with extreme weather impacts and avoid conflict when identifying scarce natural resources. Presenters will discuss lessons learned and challenges faced, and engage participants through a role-playing exercise in which they will be required to solve a problem using a model based on the GARBAL service.


Catherine Le Come

Amidi Ag Alwaly

Hamidou Togo
Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, Mali

Alexander Orenstein
Hoefsloot Spatial Solutions

Boubacar Traore
Orange Mali

This conference is organized by Connexus Corporation