Mainstreaming the Financing of Health and Water Sanitation Products in India’s Microfinance Sector


Improving Nutrition, Health and Access to Clean Water


Monday, October 14, 2019


2:45 PM




This session will examine how Sa-Dhan (Indian network of microfinance institutions) resolves the gaps in funding for health and water-sanitation services, which are often not provided for by mainstream banks. Sa-Dhan plays a key role in helping Indian MFIs design suitable credit products by factoring in the need and preferences of clients. The session will demonstrate that, although health and water-sanitation are not direct income-generating products, it is possible to finance health and water-sanitation using financial products extended on market-related terms. At present, nearly 60 MFIs in India have credit products for health and water-sanitation and the portfolio is healthy with 99% recovery. The session will present case studies from six MFIs with short videos sharing the strategies adopted, the responses of the clients and current portfolio positions. Through a video link, participants will also be able to interact and pose questions to MFIs regarding their approaches.



Satish Pillarisetti


This conference is organized by Connexus Corporation