Creating a Culture of Collaborative Learning and Adapting from Farm to Fork


Improving Nutrition, Health and Access to Clean Water


Monday, October 14, 2019


2:45 PM




The Chemonics-led Feed the Future Tajikistan Agriculture and Water Activity (TAWA) addresses dietary deficiencies and improves the production and access to fresh and processed vegetables, fruit, dairy products, and water for rural households in Southern Tajikistan. This session will take participants to Central Asia and will feature two extension workers from Tajikistan who will share their experience creating a culture of Collaboration, Learning and Adapting (CLA) among TAWA staff and women’s smallholder farmer groups. During this session, participants will learn how the use of CLA has empowered women farmers in southern Tajikistan to apply new farming practices, thus leading to increases in household incomes and improved dietary diversity.


Nargis Ibragimova
Chemonics International

Matluba Umarova
Chemonics International

Sumia Cassidy
Chemonics International

This conference is organized by Connexus Corporation