From Abandoned Lots to Lessons in Health


Improving Nutrition, Health and Access to Clean Water


Tuesday, October 15, 2019


10:15 PM




Hailing from Caguas, Puerto Rico, Nuestra Escuela, an alternative non-profit school, will present on their “Garden and Nutrition Class.” Nuestra Escuela works with the local government to prevent blight in the surrounding community by converting abandoned lots in the city into community gardens to improve nutrition, teach responsibilities, encourage community service, and foster job creation. They found that as the gardens grow, students become more engaged with schooling, adopt healthier eating habits, promote leadership, and make better life decisions. This session will engage participants through simulation “circles” or interest-based groupings, similar to those used by Nuestra Escuela’s students; they will also employ oral narratives and visual multimedia to highlight applicable lessons and challenges in the engagement of Caguas’ youth in building healthier and more resilient communities locally and throughout Puerto Rico.


Ana Yris Guzman
Nuestra Escuela

Samuel Morales
Nuestra Escuela

This conference is organized by Connexus Corporation