Tracking Systemic Change for Women and Youth: The Case of Uganda


Increasing Inclusion in Commercial Markets


Monday, October 14, 2019


10:15 AM




In this session, Tetra Tech will share lessons learned on women’s empowerment, youth engagement, and measuring systemic change, based on the implementation of two consecutive market systems programs in Uganda. The Feed the Future Livelihoods and Enterprises for Agricultural Development (LEAD) program trained 600,000 people (45% women) and used a village agent model, including 780 youth agents, to develop inputs markets. The Feed the Future Uganda Agricultural Inputs Activity encouraged private sector agro-dealers, including women and youth, to adopt improved customer and financial management systems to increase sales. Through participatory group work, participants in this session will examine relevant case studies and share ideas. As a result, participants will be better able to design and implement market systems facilitation programs that empower women and engage youth based on systemic change data.


Jen Peterson
Tetra Tech

 Robert Katende
Tetra Tech

S. Hinkle
Tetra Tech

This conference is organized by Connexus Corporation