Incorporating Onion Subsistence Farmers into Commercial Markets Using an Integrated Approach


Increasing Inclusion in Commercial Markets


Tuesday, October 15, 2019


2:45 PM




In Senegal, the onion is one of the most consumed vegetables, yet internal demand for the legume is not met due to poor agricultural practices, lack of tailored credit to invest in the crop, and weak producer organizations. Combined, these issues keep onion farmers at the subsistence level unable to break into the global market system. In this session, ICCO Cooperation will share how the STARS project is generating economic opportunities for smallholder onion farmers in Senegal, as well as offering economic opportunities for microfinance institutions, input suppliers and market actors. Participants will work together on a contextualized case study that will require them to map the onion value chain and use the tools employed by the program to develop business models to the inclusion of onion farmers in the commercial market.


Idrissa Ba
ICCO Cooperation

Dada Gueye
ICCO Cooperation

Khary Cisse
ICCO Copperation

This conference is organized by Connexus Corporation