Call for Proposals to Present

The Cracking the Nut Advisory Committee invites interested persons to submit proposals to present at the Cracking the Nut 2019: Leveraging Systems for Improved Food Security conference. This conference’s core themes for the breakout sessions are:

    1. Reducing Systemic Risks: What mechanisms exist to stabilize commodity prices? To what extent can we reduce risks of agricultural investments with insurance, guarantees and market information? How can blended finance be used to encourage investments in clean water, climate smart agriculture and health and nutrition support services? What community-based approaches to rural development can improve resilience and reduce the negative impacts of a food security crisis. How can we measure vulnerability and track systemic changes?
    2. Improving Health, Nutrition and Access to Clean Water: What is the appropriate policy response to balance competing priorities and protect access to clean water for fish, livestock, agriculture and people? How can the public sector incentivize commercial improvements in nutrition and health? How can public private partnerships support infrastructure development? What approaches are needed to ensure benefits flow to low-income communities, households and individuals, including regular consumption of nutritious diets?
    3. Increasing Inclusion in Commercial Markets: How can we entice the private sector to be more inclusive of women and youth? How do we link informal market opportunities to commercial markets?  What public sector stimulus is appropriate to ensure food systems serve the last mile? In what ways do we need to adapt systems and approaches to the specific needs of high risk populations? How can we tap the wisdom of the elderly to serve vulnerable populations? What does it take to move households beyond subsistence level farming?

Part 1: Instructions and Guidance to Presenters

A.   General Instructions

  1. All proposals should be completed using the Call for Proposals (CFP) to Present form provided and in adherence to the instructions outlined in this CFP.  Alternative or non-compliant proposals will not be considered.
  2. All proposal submissions should be emailed to by Friday, March 29, 2019 with “Cracking the Nut 2019: Proposal to Present” in the subject line.
  3. All proposals must align with at least one of the conference themes. Presenters may submit more than one proposal to present, but only one presentation per theme will be selected.
  4. All proposed presenters must have agreed to participate at the time of submission. Participation from female presenters is encouraged.
  5. Proposals must be written in English or French.

B.   Evaluation and Award

  1. To ensure full and fair consideration, proposals will be evaluated and selected by the Conference Advisory Committee.
  2. Selection decisions will be made and all who submitted proposals will be notified of decisions by no later than April 12, 2019.
  3. Any proposal received in response to this CFP will be reviewed strictly as submitted.
  4. If selected, you will receive instructions regarding the submission of your presentation materials.
  5. Selected presentations will be given complimentary conference admission for up to two (2) presenters.

C.   Guidance on Presentation Format and Design

  1. All sessions are 90 minutes in length and should include at least 30 minutes for discussion.
  2. The conference is designed to be an interactive event. We encourage the use of creative and collaborative techniques and formats that engage the audience and promote a participatory learning environment.
  3. The conference objective is to share and disseminate best practices (including lessons learned and remaining challenges), which are backed by examples, related to one or more of the conference's themes. We encourage proposals to include lessons learned not only through success stories, but challenges and difficulties faced as well.
  4. While designing the session’s presentation, please keep the following question in mind: "What do you want your peers to get out of the session? How does your session contribute to agricultural or aquaculture development, access to finance, food security or resilience?"
  5. All rooms will be arranged classroom style with capacity for approximately 100 people and will be equipped with the following: microphones, flip chart with markers, projector screen, LCD projector, laptop, and a volunteer assistant who will provide backroom/logistical support.

For additional information regarding conference proposals, please contact us at