Cracking the Nut 2013

AZMJ is pleased to announce the launch of the third annual Cracking the Nut conference, which will give an exclusive look into the successes and challenges involved in global supply chains.  It will take place on June 25-26, 2013 in Dresden, Germany at Messe Dresden. We will be focusing on companies that are creating long-term social and economic value through their sustainability initiatives. As a private sector led discussion, the conference will highlight best practices for sustainable sourcing to help participating companies, along with development and finance organizations, to align their initiatives in a way that leverages resources for increasing social impact.  The conference will also feature a dynamic panel session where leading impact investors will go head to head with agricultural entrepreneurs to provide insight into how they assess real investment opportunities aligned with sustainable sourcing.


Our Themes

​​Ensuring Food Safety and Sustainability

Food safety and environmental sustainability are big concerns for global consumers. Hence, global companies and regulators are meeting this challenge with complex logistical and regulatory solutions. Learn how companies and projects build safe and sustainable supply chains that avoid child labor and protect the natural environment and local communities.

Facilitating Traceability and Certification

To adhere to safety and sustainability standards, global companies increasingly need traceable and certifiable supply chains. Traceability can have a positive impact on the bottom line when combined with improved efficiencies in the supply chain. Come see how successful companies are overcoming the challenge of cost-effectively certifying and tracing their supply from farm to fork.

Creatively Financing Supply Chains

Sustainable supply chains can be complex yet also efficient and market responsive, which make them attractive investment opportunities. Innovative finance can bring value chain actors up to speed and take advantage of the market opportunities on the horizon. Stay ahead of the curve in targeting your agricultural investments to align with the world’s most advanced approaches to finance

This conference is organized by Connexus Corporation